Looking Forward

If things go according to WGU’s plan, I have a total of six terms ahead of me. I should be in school from Dec 1st 2018 to Nov 30th 2021. In that time I will be passing a total of 24 classes, plus a capstone written project. 

The classes that scare me the most are the math classes. It’s been decades since I did anything related to High School Algebra, and I must say that I have enjoyed everyday that I haven’t had anything to do with it. Math has never been my strong suit. 

Sure, I can rock all kinds of equations in an Excel spreadsheet, I can countif, averageif, and array to manipulate data and create charts like a mad man. However I would say that visualizing how to manipulate the data in an Excel sheet is a lot easier than sitting down with a math book and trying to decipher some kind of wild ass factoring problem that has no relation to the known universe. 

I’m sure in someone else’s life someone would find that: 3x2 + 9x3 + 12x4 make some kind of sense and would matter to their existence. However, that person is not me.

So yes, the two Algebra classes scare the heck out of me.

There is also a Probability and Statistics class which I am not looking forward to, because… math.

As long as the class on Cryptography is a fairly high level overview of Crypto, I’ll be fine. However, if I have to sit there and try and actually encrypt something, by hand… then I’m not a happy camper. However, if I can just explain how it works, and not have to actually do it… then that will be fine.

Other than that, I’m not terribly concerned about the classes. I can’t say that there any classes that I am particularly looking forward to… but none of the rest of them scare me like Math does.

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