Introduction to Information Technology

It’s December 1st! The race is on…

Today, I was able to finally enroll in the courses that were scheduled and start working on knocking down goals. Today’s goal was to complete the Introduction to Information  Technology class.

As I stated in a previous post, I am not quite sure why I am in this class, as I have plenty of experience, and a list as long as your arm of professional IT Certifications. However, I didn’t feel like arguing with the school and figured it would be an easy class to pass.

At my mentor’s advice I have taken the Pre-Assessment twice, and passed both times. I did have an area of weakness I brushed up on between taking them, and I did better on the second assessment than I did on the first.

Feeling very confident that I  could pass this exam, my mentor agreed to allow me to take the Objective Assessment (Final Exam) today.

In order to prepare to take the exam I ran through a practice exam session this morning with the school. I then scheduled the exam for 1230 local time. I ended up having some technical difficulties that I didn’t experience this morning when I went to take the exam for real. My PC just wasn’t being cooperative. 

I did manage to get into the exam, slightly late, and annoyed. Which is not a great way to  start an exam in my opinion.

No big deal, 3 hours to take the exam, I only needed about an hour.

So yes, I passed the exam, and am now four CUs closer to the degree than I was this morning. Four CUs in less than twelve hours… Whew!

Next on the list… Critical Thinking and Logic… Time to pull out my Spock ears.

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