Another One Down

I passed Critical Thinking and Logic’s Objective Assessment this morning. So I am another three CU’s closer to a degree. I am at 41 CU’s down, 122 left, or 34% done with the degree program.

The Objective Assessment was not nearly as poorly written as the Pre-assessment or the questions in the material.  Which is a good thing. I guess they were just throwing in questions to make you question yourself, or purposely used the questions that were of lower quality in the Pre-assessment.

I didn’t spend much time on the materials this week. I had planned on spending more time, but didn’t. I did some review on Monday and Tuesday, but I don’t think I did anything at all the rest of the week.

I would have taken the exam yesterday, but my wife has come down with something, and we ended up spending a few hours in the Urgent Care getting her checked out.

Next on the list of classes is Integrated Physical Science. From what I can tell, I passed the Pre-Assessment in this class with the best score out of the three. I was competent or better in all the major areas of focus.

  • Chemistry – Competent
  • Earth Science – Exemplary
  • Physics – Exemplary
  • The Nature of Science – Exemplary

In any case, I plan on taking the Objective Assessment for this class over the coming weekend (15th).

I’ll likely spend sometime going over the book materials this week, but to be honest I don’t expect to spend a whole lot of time going over it. If I had planned ahead better, I might have attempting to talk my mentor into allowing me to take the Objective Assessment this weekend.

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