Cox Internet Part II

We had Cox out again on Friday, and once again they found an issue on the line. We then saw a Cox truck out on Saturday morning, and then he left without a word. (I had specifically told the Cox people on the phone and the last technician that showed up that I wanted a phone call before they left/closed the to ticket. Because, Customer Service!) The problem is on going. We have a drop of Internet connection every 5 minutes like clock work on minute 1 and then minute 6… so 8:01, 8:06, 8:11, 8:16… etc.

I ended up downloading a chrome extension called “Internet Connection Monitor” to log the drops so I could email/print the log to whomever needed it to so I could better show what was going on.

So I called Cox again about two hours after the Saturday guy left. They scheduled yet another technician to come out to the house on Sunday morning. Guy comes out, find a problem, and then escalates it to an engineer.

This time we got a good engineer, and an old friend our ours. My wife used to work with a gal who was married to a guy who was doing work for Cox. My wife has since moved on from that job, and the couple had gotten divorced. So we had kind of lost track of him. However the wife and I talked about him that morning, idly wondering if he was in the area, only to have him show up at our door later in the day.

He took several hours to run the noise problem down, and it ended up being one of our next door neighbors that had a bad/loose crimp that was causing the noise. However that did not fix the dropping.

When our friend attempted to take a look at the modem over his equipment he noticed several very strange things about the way it was showing up. He couldn’t flash the firmware, and there was a maintenance channel having to do with attenuation due to temperatures that was showing up, that should not have been. Also the modem was attempting to get a static IP on the WAN connection.. which it should not have been doing.

Armed with that information, he should be talking with someone above him this morning and looking at the way the equipment is provisioned on Cox’s end to see what in the heck is going on there.

Now that I know who is working on the issue, and he is doing both a good job of keeping us informed and listening to us, I feel a lot better about this issue, and have faith that it will be resolved in the next couple of days.

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